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MAYDAY (2009)

Abstract MAYDAY by Seamus Fogarty (music) and Giuseppe Torre (music and visuals) 2009 what goes up must come down. . .eventually. Mayday began its life as an acoustic piece of music only to then modulate and transform itself into an acousmatic quasi-psychedelic a/v excursion. The compositional process involved taking various rich acoustic sources, which are then sequenced and manipulated in an order that creates tension, alluding to some destination that is never quite reached. The video speculates accordingly. While advances in Digital Arts have provided us with many new and exciting sounds and video tools, Mayday is a reminder of how powerful the combination of organic acoustic and real-time video sources with today's technology can be. Follow the raising pitch and do not leave it! Audio is generated via spectral and temporal processing of acoustic instru- mental sources.Video is generated via a feedback loop systems activated by multiple camera. Light sources are created in real-time and represents the input element of the feedback loop system created for the performance. performed at: NOVA - LyricFM Irish National Radio (February 2nd 2014), Sonoim- agenes 2010 that will be held on at the Recoleta Cultural Center and at the UNLaƂ s University Campus Buenos Aires - Argentina (19-21 Oc- tober 2010), B-LINK FESTIVAL of NEW COMMUNICATIONS Beograd - Serbia (November 16th-20th 2011), AUROPOLIS &
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