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AGORÁ (2013)

Abstract AGORÁ by Giuseppe Torre 2012 - 2014 Agorá (from Greek word meaning 'gathering space' / 'public square') is a live music performance that investigate the performer's musical memories that are revealed through the performer's hand gestures. This process is enabled via a newly developed data-glove named Pointing-at that allows the performer to browse, shape and re-create live and algorithmically his musical memories in a quadraphonic surround setup. "There are in our existence spots of time, That with distinct pre-eminence retain A renovating virtue, whence-depressed By false opinion and contentious thought,Or aught of heavier or more deadly weight,In trivial occupations, and the round Of ordinary intercourse-our minds Are nourished and invisibly repaired; A virtue, by which pleasure is enhanced,That penetrates, enables us to mount,When high, more high, and lifts us up when fallen." (Wordsworth 1850, verses 208-218) The Pointing-at data glove is the result of a collaborative research project between the Tyndall National Institute of Research in Cork and the IDC - DMARC at the University of Limerick. This performance investigates the use of the data glove for the purpose of a live music performance in which gestures are used to create and manipulate sounds in real-time. Special attention was paid to the mapping algorithms that link gestures and sounds so to facilitate the audience understanding of the cause-effect mechanisms. performed at: 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Re- search (CMMR) Sound, Music and Motion - Marseille - France, NOVA - LyricFM Irish National Radio (March 16th 2014), NOVA - LyricFM Irish National Radio (October 13th 2013),CMC Concert - DIT Conservatoire of Music - Dublin (2012), Ormston House - Limerick (2012), Border Line Club - Palermo - Italy (Invited Performance)(2012)This work has been recently mentioned, analysed and referenced in the following journal article: Fischman, R. (2013), ' A Manual Action Expressive System (MAES)' , Organised Sound, 18(3), 328-245.
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