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BETAV (2011)

Abstract betav-#1 by Leon McCarthy (live visuals and live electronics) and Giuseppe Torre (Pointing-at data glove and live electronic) 2011 betAV audio-visual performance aims to make audiences aware of the impact that industrial fishing practices are having on the seas and our world at large. Taking its lead from the 2009 documentary 'The End of the Line', the performance repurposes some of its video content to present a new live audio- visual interpretation. Motion graphics illustrate data on the yearly catches of yearly of pelagic fish in the Mediterranean. Further animations present data on the health benefits of eating fish and furthermore, steps we can take to maintain fish stocks into the future. In this performance I contribute to the music which I create live with my Pointing-at data glove as well as many other gizmos. A tri-parts duo performance for Pointing-at glove and live visual and quadriphonic audio setup. (part I) poignant / (part II) relentless / (part III)relieve Performed at: Live iXem 2011 - Decemeber 8th 2011 Tonnara Florio di Favignana - Isole Egadi (|Italy)
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