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MANI (2010)

Abstract Mani by Robert Sazdov (laptop and live electronics) and Giuseppe Torre (Pointing-at data glove) 2010 A duo performance for Pointing-at glove and live electronics. Theme is concerned with social inequalities. Mani means hands in Italian but it also sounds like the word "money" in English. Our future is in few people' s hands. Do you feel safe?Technical Description: This performance investigates the use of hand gestures for the creation and manipulation of sounds in real-time for a live performance. Gestures vocabulary is built according to theatrical features that reconnect to the underlying storyboard presented in the performance. This is done so that the cause- effect links between gestures and sounds can be re-established within a context that helps to classify the gesture in its metaphorical context. performed at: New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference 2010 - Sydney - Australia
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