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Dorota Koncewska
Robert Sazdov
Giuseppe Torre



hand live electronics traditional voice music expression composition electronics

MOLITVA (2009)

Abstract Molitva by Giuseppe Torre (Pointing-at data glove), Robert Sazdov (live electronics) and Dorota Koncezwska (voice) 2009 Molitva is a composition for voice, live electronics, and gestural control Pointing-at glove. The main music theme is a revisiting of traditional macedonian chants now mixed with electronics. Technical Description:the performance investigate the use of the Pointing-at data glove in a live performance win which multiple players/performers are involved. In order to enhance the cause-effect links between gestures and sounds each performer was allocated a specific range of sonic characteristics to work with. In doing this, the data glove worked exclusively with granular sounds and their live manipulation by hand gestures. Performed at: Re:New Festival - Copenhaghen (Denmark) 2009, New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2009 - Pittsburgh (USA), SOUNDINGS - Limerick (IRL) 2009
Collections Ireland -> University of Limerick -> Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ireland -> University of Limerick -> Computer Science & Information Systems
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Dorota Koncewska, Robert Sazdov, Giuseppe Torre

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