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Françisco M Raymo
Silvia Giordani
James D Baker
Janet Cusido
Francesca Cardano
Mercedes M A Mazza



emission ratiometric molecular probes temperature sensing switches fluorescent fluorescence species

Ratiometric temperature sensing with fluorescent thermochromic switches. (2019)

Abstract The connection of fluorescent chromophores to switchable heterocycles translates into molecular probes with ratiometric response to temperature. The opening and closing of their heterocyclic component equilibrates two emissive species with resolved fluorescence. Their relative emission intensities change monotonically with temperature to enable the visualization of thermal distributions at the microscale.
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Françisco M Raymo, Silvia Giordani, James D Baker, Janet Cusido, Francesca Cardano, Mercedes M A Mazza

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Silvia Giordani
Trinity College Dublin
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