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Richard O'Kennedy
Aoife Crawley
Caroline Murphy
Bryony Hayes


Medicine & Nursing

point of care technology cancer care detection well being early diagnosis patient care cancer therapy

Developments in Point-of-Care Diagnostic Technology for Cancer Detection. (2018)

Abstract Cancer is the cause of death for one in seven individuals worldwide. It is widely acknowledged that screening and early diagnosis are of vital importance for improving the likelihood of recovery. However, given the costly, time-consuming, and invasive nature of the many methods currently in use, patients often do not take advantage of the services available to them. Consequently, many researchers are exploring the possibility of developing fast, reliable, and non-invasive diagnostic tools that can be used directly or by local physicians at the point-of-care. Herein, we look at the use of established biomarkers in cancer therapy and investigate emerging biomarkers exhibiting future potential. The incorporation of these biomarkers into point-of-care devices could potentially reduce the strain currently experienced by screening programs in hospitals and healthcare systems. Results derived from point-of-care tests should be accurate, sensitive, and generated rapidly to assist in the selection of the best course of treatment for optimal patient care. Essentially, point-of-care diagnostics should enhance the well-being of patients and lead to a reduction in cancer-related deaths.
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Richard O'Kennedy, Aoife Crawley, Caroline Murphy, Bryony Hayes

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