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Gillian Eileen Conway
Giuseppe De Vito
Katy Horner
Shane Michael Heffernan


Physiotherapy & Sport

medicine and health sciences systematic review supplementation trace athletic performance nutritional supplements physical performance performance review muscle function ergogenic aids exercise and sport nutrition literature trace elements exercise

The Role of Mineral and Trace Element Supplementation in Exercise and Athletic Performance: A Systematic Review. (2019)

Abstract Minerals and trace elements (MTEs) are micronutrients involved in hundreds of biological processes. Deficiency in MTEs can negatively affect athletic performance. Approximately 50% of athletes have reported consuming some form of micronutrient supplement; however, there is limited data confirming their efficacy for improving performance. The aim of this study was to systematically review the role of MTEs in exercise and athletic performance. Six electronic databases and grey literature sources (MEDLINE; EMBASE; CINAHL and SportDISCUS; Web of Science and clinicaltrials.gov) were searched, in accordance with PRISMA guidelines. Results: 17,433 articles were identified and 130 experiments from 128 studies were included. Retrieved articles included Iron (
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Gillian Eileen Conway, Giuseppe De Vito, Katy Horner, Shane Michael Heffernan

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