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Brendaniana, etc. (2006)

Abstract Renewed interest in the early medieval Latin tale about St. Brendan the seafarer, Nauigatio St. Brendani Abbatis (NSB), composed probably around 800 in the Franconian empire, has led to the publication of a number of general and specialised studies on this subject in the past years. Interest in NSB goes far beyond the small circles of Latin and Irish medievalists. The modern success of the tale may lie in its interweaving of a straightforwardly told, but immediately appealing narrative about the search for an ungraspable looking goal that is nevertheless attained by determination and belief, of adventurous epi­so­des that nourish the readers imagination, and of a subtext that combines elements of a quite remarkably broad range of literary traditions with a monastic reform programme. Still, a pub­licly available new complete edition of the tale that would supplant Carl Selmer’s unsatisfactory text of 1959 is still wanting, even though two editions, one by Giovanni Orlandi, the other by Michaela and Klaus Zelzer, have been in preparation for many years and have indeed been accessible at least to a small circle of scholars. In this article I want to make notice of, review and comment upon a few recent contributions, books and articles (I., II., V., VI.), besides adding a few bits of ideas concerning Brenda‑ niana myself (III., IV., VII.).
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