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Sinéad Murnane
Shane McLoughlin
Saabeel Wanda
Clare Thornley



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Codifying knowledge about ethics into ICT professional Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs): an analysis of approaches. (2020)

Abstract Ethical concerns about the development and ubiquity of ICT (Information and communications technology) are rising as awareness of our increased dependency on ICT, combined with the potential lack of transparency of new technologies such as IoT and AI, unfold. One way of tackling this is to increase professionalism within ICT, and Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs) are an important part of this. BoKs represent the knowledge needed to function as a profession and are becoming increasingly essential to aid communication and encourage shared values and practices, particularly in emerging professional areas. They are valuable and influential in developing the scope and maturity of the ICT profession and, in turn, ICT development in society. Thus, identifying and understanding the codification of ethics in BoKs is important to maturing ICT professional practice in resolving ethical concerns. This paper 1) explores considerations and approaches to the incorporation of ethics within BoKs, and 2) carries out content analysis on how ethics are codified within the content structure of ICT BoKs. Findings reveal a range of different approaches, which suggests the value of categorising these approaches and developing guidance on a more consistent approach. We conclude by recommending future research for revealing and tackling both overt and implicit aspects to ethics within BoKs.
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Sinéad Murnane, Shane McLoughlin, Saabeel Wanda, Clare Thornley

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