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Jamie Murphy
Mark Shevlin
Rory Halpin
Angela McCarthy
Philip Hyland
Rachel Frost



posttraumatic stress disorder epidemiological survey profiling complexity refugee trauma exposure sample

The complexity of trauma exposure and response; profiling PTSD and CPTSD among a refugee sample. (2019)

Abstract Objective: This study investigated the latent dimensional and categorical structure of ICD-11 Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) within a refugee sample. Method: A subsample that identified as refugee (n = 308) was selected from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC-II). Factor Mixture Modelling (FMM) was employed to establish the dimensional structure of CPTSD symptomology and the categorical distribution of these dimensions. It was then evaluated whether trauma history could differentiate between the distribution of trauma response profiles. Results: A correlated six-factor model with five latent classes was the best fitting model. Two classes were characterised by symptom profiles that were consistent with ICD-11 CPTSD and PTSD formulations. The remaining classes were characterised by non-specific variation across dimensions. CPTSD class membership was predicted by traumas that were predominantly interpersonal in nature (serious neglect, physical assault and sexual assault) while PTSD class membership was predicted by situational traumatic experiences (unarmed civilian in a conflict environment and a serious accident). A distinct dose response effect was evident between cumulative traumatic exposure and CPTSD class membership. Conclusion: FMM class profiles distinguished between PTSD and CPTSD symptom formulations. Moreover, class membership was determined by specific trauma exposure histories.
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Jamie Murphy, Mark Shevlin, Rory Halpin, Angela McCarthy, Philip Hyland, Rachel Frost

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