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Jon-Ivar Skullerud
Sinead Marie Ryan
Alan O Cais
Michael James Peardon
Richie Morrin



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Dynamical QCD simulations on anisotropic lattices (2006)

Abstract The simulation of QCD on dynamical ( N f 2 ) anisotropic lattices is described. A method for nonperturbative renormalisation of the parameters in the anisotropic gauge and quark actions is presented. The precision with which this tuning can be carried out is determined in dynamical simulations on 8 3 48 and 8 3 80 lattices This work was supported by the IITAC project, funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority under PRTLI cycle 3 of the National Development Plan and funded by IRCSET Grant SC/03/393Y, SFI grants No. 04/BRG/ P0266 and 04/BRG/P0275. We are grateful to the Trinity Centre for High-Performance Computing for their support and would like to thank Colin Morningstar for generous access to computing resources in the physics department of Carnegie Mellon University in the early stages of this work
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Jon-Ivar Skullerud, Sinead Marie Ryan, Alan O Cais, Michael James Peardon, Richie Morrin

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