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Gregory Toner
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Early Irish Lexicography ‒ A Research Survey (2018)

Abstract This article is primarily concerned with lexicographic resources, i.e. glossaries, word-lists, dictionaries, and lexica of various shapes and form, for Early Irish. Early Irish comprises of several distinct stages of the Irish language: Primitive Irish (c. 4th–6th centuries A.D.), almost solely attested in Ogam inscriptions, Early or Archaic Old Irish (c. 7th century), Old Irish (c. 8th–9th centuries), and Middle Irish (c. 10th–12thcenturies), the latter three transmitted through manuscripts. A large grey area exists between lexicographic resources in the strict sense and monographs that treat subsec-tions of the Early Irish lexicon under particular phonological, morphological, or other grammatical perspectives. However, examples of the latter, unless they contain sub-stantial lexicon-like portions, will not be considered here.
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