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N. Brennan
G. Mulllins
M Henry
J. J. Gilmartin
S.N.E. Watson
R. Rutherford
B.G. Loftus
F. Ben Musbah
D. Donaghy
P. Plunkett
and 111 others



irish society

Irish Thoracic Society: Proceeds of Annual Scientific Meeting held Friday & Saturday 8th & 9th November, 1996 (1998)

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N. Brennan, G. Mulllins, M Henry, J. J. Gilmartin, S.N.E. Watson, R. Rutherford, B.G. Loftus, F. Ben Musbah, D. Donaghy, P. Plunkett and 111 others

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Michael Henry
Dublin City University
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