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Baptiste Savoie
Alexei L. Rebenko
T. C. Dorlas



type point cluster tree particles equations components clusters

Correlation of clusters: Partially truncated correlation functions and their decay (2018)

Abstract In this article, we investigate partially truncated correlation functions (PTCF) of infinite continuous systems of classical point particles with pair interaction. We derive Kirkwood-Salsburg-type equations for the PTCF and write the solutions of these equations as a sum of contributions labelled by certain forests graphs, the connected components of which are tree graphs. We generalize the method introduced by R.A. Minlos and S.K. Pogosyan (1977) in the case of truncated correlations. These solutions make it possible to derive strong cluster properties for PTCF which were obtained earlier for lattice spin systems.
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Baptiste Savoie, Alexei L. Rebenko, T. C. Dorlas

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