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James Meaney
Rose Kenny



longitudinal data in vivo study semantic fluency memory performance older adults irish longitudinal study on ageing hippocampal subfeld anatomy ageing

Dissociable age and memory relationships with hippocampal subfield volumes in vivo: Data from the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) (2019)

Abstract The heterogeneous specialisation of hippocampal subfields across memory functions has been widely shown in animal models. Yet, few in vivo studies in humans have explored correspondence between hippocampal subfield anatomy and memory performance in ageing. Here, we used a well-validated automated MR segmentation protocol to measure hippocampal subfield volumes in 436 non-demented adults aged 50+. We explored relationships between hippocampal subfield volume and verbal episodic memory, as indexed by word list recall at immediate presentation and following delay. In separate multilevel models for each task, we tested linearity and non-linearity of associations between recall performance and subfield volume. Fully-adjusted models revealed that immediate and delayed recall were both associated with cubic fits with respect to volume of subfields CA1, CA2/3, CA4, molecular layer, and granule cell layer of dentate gyrus; moreover, these effects were partly dissociable from quadratic age trends, observed for subiculum, molecular layer, hippocampal tail, and CA1. Furthermore, analyses of semantic fluency data revealed little evidence of robust associations with hippocampal subfield volumes. Our results show that specific hippocampal subfields manifest associations with memory encoding and retrieval performance in non-demented older adults; these effects are partly dissociable from age-related atrophy, and from retrieval of well-consolidated semantic categories.
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