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Micheal O Siochru
Vincent Patrick Wade
Seamus Lawless



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Towards a research platform for the 1641 Depositions: new technologies and the humanities (2008)

Abstract This project will investigate innovative technology to structure and lend meaning to a large corpus of unstructured information. The objectives of this project are: to investigate how text analytics and semantic mark-up tools can be used to enable researchers to discover new insights contained within the digital humanities; to capture some aspects of the subtle processes by which researchers model the meaning of documents and to make key aspects of their knowledge available to other researchers; to prototype and evaluate selected tools which achieve these objectives, using the transcribed 1641 Depositions as a corpus of unstructured humanities content.
Collections Ireland -> Trinity College Dublin -> Glucksman Memorial Symposium Posters 2008
Ireland -> Trinity College Dublin -> Long Room Hub

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Micheal O Siochru, Vincent Patrick Wade, Seamus Lawless

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