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Lucie Corcoran
Conor Mc Guckin



bullying bully justice and safeguarding children inclusive society bully victim problems anti bullying policy prevention of bullying traditional bullying cyberbullying bullying harassment and violence bully victim school bullying education definition prevention school coping youth intervention

Cyberbullying in childhood (2020)

Abstract Cyberbullying is similar to, but distinct from, traditional bully–victim problems. In this continuously evolving area of interpersonal communication for children and young people, it is important to explore three important and interrelated issues. First, the developing nature of knowledge in the area and continuous technological developments require careful attention to how the subject is defined. Second, successful prevention and intervention approaches need to be evidence informed and to be developed within robust methodological frameworks. Third, further research regarding coping is required—from national and international responses to responses from technological providers, to responses at the school, family, and personal level. Research and applied practice in the area is maturing. It is time for those involved in the area to summarize known successes to date, and to refocus on the issues that will lead to a safer environment for children and young people so that they can enjoy the undoubted benefits of information and communication technologies.
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