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Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos
Jens Foell
Gunter Schumann
Tahmine Fadai
Yvonne Grimmer
Betteke van Noort
Maren Struve
Argyris Stringaris
Patricia Conrod
Henrik Walter
and 23 others



longitudinal study liability imagen externalizing psychopathology trait disinhibition substance abuse neuroimaging self report

Extending the Construct Network of Trait Disinhibition to the Neuroimaging Domain: Validation of a Bridging Scale for Use in the European IMAGEN Project (2019)

Abstract Trait disinhibition, a clinical-liability construct, has well-established correlates in the diagnostic, self-rating, task-behavioral, and brain potential response domains. Recently, studies have begun to test for neuroimaging correlates of this liability factor, but more work of this type using larger data sets is needed to clarify its brain bases. The current study details the development and validation of a scale measure of trait disinhibition composed of questionnaire items available in the IMAGEN project, a large-scale longitudinal study of factors contributing to substance abuse that includes clinical interview, self-report personality, task-behavioral, neuroimaging, and genomic measures. Using a construct-rating and psychometric refinement approach, a scale was developed that evidenced: (a) positive relations with interview-assessed psychopathology in the IMAGEN sample, both concurrently and prospectively and (b) positive associations with scale measures of disinhibition and reported psychopathology, and a robust negative correlation with P3 brain response, in a separate adult sample (Mage = 19.5). These findings demonstrate that a common scale measure can index this construct from adolescence through to early adulthood, and set the stage for systematic work directed at identifying neural and genetic biomarkers of this key liability construct using existing and future data from the IMAGEN project.
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Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos, Jens Foell, Gunter Schumann, Tahmine Fadai, Yvonne Grimmer, Betteke van Noort, Maren Struve, Argyris Stringaris, Patricia Conrod, Henrik Walter and 23 others

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