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Catherine Deegan
Tomas Ward
Charles Markham
William Clifford
Zhengwei Wang
Yongxiang Wang


Computer Science

g tec emotiv n200 electrical and computer engineering evoked potential erp eeg p300

Validation of Low-cost Wireless EEG System for Measuring Event-related Potentials (2018)

Abstract This study used the traditional P300 speller paradigm to compare a medical grade Electroencephalography (EEG) system, the G.Tec, with a consumer grade EEG system, the Emotiv, in the detection of P300 components within Event Related Potential (ERP) signals. The experiment focused on four electrodes known to produce optically induced visual evoked potential. A successful comparison of the two approaches was made. It was shown that both systems could measure an ERP. The paper concludes with discussion comparing the low-cost wireless EEG system with the medical grade EEG system.
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Catherine Deegan, Tomas Ward, Charles Markham, William Clifford, Zhengwei Wang, Yongxiang Wang

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