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dialogue code irish literature and criticism athbheochan na gaeilge school men eoghan rua s illeabh in reliques of irish jacobite poetry

Dán atá luaite le hEoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin (2013)

Abstract Cuirtear eagar anso ar aiste filíochta dar tús Ar dhrúcht na maidne is me ag taisteal go rómhoch.Is í an tagairt is luaithe atá agam di ná a ndúirt an scoláire Gaeilge Seán Ó Dálaigh mar gheall ar chúis a cumtha ina chuntas ar Eoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin (1748- 84) in Reliques of Irish Jacobite Poetry sa bhliain 1844: "It is recorded that Eóghan Ruadh committed his first sin of rhyme, while a bareskinned stripling, at the school of one of these hunted men, whom the severity of the penal code drove for shelter to the fastnesses of Kerry, to teach Greek to cowboys. Owen was mitching all day, and, as he entered the hedge-seminary long after the prescribed time, the master was about to proceed with the process of "hoisting" Owen, when the truant begged and obtained one hour to render an account of the peccadilloes of the day, — it was then that the embryo poet produced a lyric in a fanciful dialogue between two married ladies, in which each is made to detail, with much dramatic effect, the failings of her spouse, and the various events to which matrimony links the wife, who would fain move with her yoke-fellow in freer harness."
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