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Mark J. Scott
Mick Lennon
Phoebe Duvall



urban planning social ecological systems theory and practice nature amenity planning nature of green infrastructure

The 'natures' of planning: evolving conceptualizations of nature as expressed in urban planning theory and practice (2017)

Abstract Over the course of the past century, the idea of nature in the city has become increasingly intricate, evolving from being viewed as a refuge separate from the city to being understood as an essential component of dynamic urban systems. As such, attempts are currently being made to re-nature cities to support local and global ecosystems, increase human well being, and address environmental issues such as climate change. While the literature has examined changing assumptions about society-nature relationships in planning, a dearth of knowledge exists relating to the changing conceptualization of natures relationship with the city and how this has influenced how urban planning with respect to nature has evolved in both theory and practice. In this paper, we address this lacuna by tracing the history of the entwined relationship between nature and city planning. The conceptual framework developed from this review is subsequently employed as an analytical lens through which to investigate an illustrative case study of planning for nature in Dublin City, Ireland. The paper concludes by reflecting on how exploring the natures of planning provides scope for greater critical attention to what we do as planners when we seek to address the challenge of safeguarding nature through policy.
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Mark J. Scott, Mick Lennon, Phoebe Duvall

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