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Grasping Green Infrastructure: an introduction to the theory and practice of a diverse environmental planning approach (2018)

Abstract Green infrastructure (GI) can be a difficult to fathom concept. It is employed in different ways in different contexts: in some jurisdictions it is most commonly conceived as a tool for adjudicating on specific development proposals, while in others it is primarily employed in the formulation of policy that sets the broad framework for land use. Understanding such varying interpretations, or ‘regional accents’, is important as they influence the identification of problems, the forms of assessment employed and the types of solutions advanced. Much of this variation is resultant from how the roots of the concept straddle a number of disciplines, with the relative weight given each of these roots reflected in the focus of GI initiatives in different contexts. Hence, in presenting an introduction and outline of the GI approach, this chapter first traces the diverse regional antecedents of the GI concept to understand how it shapes environmental planning activities in different contexts. This provides a platform upon which to review a selection of representative case studies that illustrate the most prominent regional accents characterising the approach, and how these are related to the institutionalisation of the GI concept at different scales. The chapter closes by discussing commonalities between these differently accented approaches and outlines the shared achievement of the GI concept.
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