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Anuj Bhatnagar
Arun Mallik
Geeta Gupta
Ajay Kumar



hydrofluoric acid single mode fiber engineering wet etching optical fiber sensor etched fiber sensor refractive index sensor optical fiber

Single Mode Optical Fiber based Refractive Index Sensor using Etched Cladding (2011)

Abstract The use of optical fiber for sensor applications is a topic of current interest. We report the fabrication of etched single mode optical fiber based refractive index sensor. Experiments are performed to determine the etch rate of fiber in buffered hydrofluoric acid, which can be high or low depending upon the temperature at which etching is carried out. Controlled wet etching of fiber cladding is performed using these measurements and etched fiber region is tested for refractive index sensing application. We report significant optical power change in fiber sensor at 1550 nm wavelength, in the presence of IPAsolution and also the sugar solution with varying concentration.
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Anuj Bhatnagar, Arun Mallik, Geeta Gupta, Ajay Kumar

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