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Cocktail Menus Ireland (1970s-2020) Version 1 (2020)

Abstract Cocktail Menus Ireland (1970s-2020) Version 1 highlights a small selection of cocktail menus from cocktail bars, public bars, hotel bars and Cocktail Clubs covering the period of 1970 up to 2020. These menus and their recipes help to identify the creativity, innovation and attention to detail in which the establishments highlighted here and their staff (cocktail bartenders, mixologists and management teams) poured into these menus. The menus also highlight the changing drinks fashions, how cocktail prices began to change, the variety of ingredients, the rise of the crafted approach towards ingredients sourcing and preparation. The impact of visual graphic illustrations, signature recipes, on-line menus and some of the peripheral services required to deliver cocktails and the cocktail experience can also be observed within these menus. Unfortunately a small amount of the establishments highlighted are no longer trading but their cocktail menus nonetheless help to chart an important element of the cocktail evolution in Ireland over the last 50 years.
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