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College Cocktail Competitions (1980-2020) - Version 1 (2020)

Abstract 2020 will commemorate a very important occasion, for it not only celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the first college cocktail competition in Ireland but also over 40 years of cocktail making activity in the Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin) formerly known as [Dublin Institute of Technology-DIT & Vocational Education Committee-VEC]. This document highlights these College Cocktail Competitions, the recipes created, the overall winners, the many participants and the kind sponsors who helped to create 40 years of college cocktail competitions. The document helps to identify the many changes which occurred during this period of time in relation to this college, its staff and students, the competitions format and professional standards adopted to raise the craft levels of the cocktails created. A document of this magnitude could not materialise without the financial and active support of the companies and colleagues over these 40 years who are mentioned within these pages. Maybe you and your company might consider supporting this school and becoming part of the next 40 years of great cocktail competitions in the school (SCAFT) and the Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin).
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