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Investigating the Enduring Fascination with Dublin's Victorian Pubs (2018)

Abstract Victorian pubs of Dublin have played an integral role in the social, cultural and economic history of Ireland’s capital from their early development in the front rooms and parlours of Dublin homes they are one of the most iconic elements of Irish culture. These pubs have always been a strange mixture of tradition and curiosity which forms an integral part of the rich tapestry of Dublin life dating back to their creation nearly 200 years ago. A proud brewing and distilling tradition of these pubs combined with their natural hospitality and sociability, have all contributed to making the pubs of Dublin a focal point for local communities. The majority of Dublin’s pubs of historic architectural merit were built in the Victorian era which stretched from 1837 to 1901.There are now less than twenty authentic Victorian pubs in Dublin which still retain the majority of their original fixtures and their Victorian characteristics, these pubs are affectionately classified as ‘curated trophy pubs’ which can be counted on in Dublin’s city centre for a taste of unspoiled tradition. Eighty percent of all tourists visiting Ireland chose the Irish Pub as their number one reason which influenced their decision to holiday in Ireland, adding that the older the pub is the better.
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