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A Review of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): To Assist Patients’ and Carers’ Understanding of This Condition (2018)

Abstract The diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) will come as an unwelcome surprise to most people. Within a short period of time, the person will have to come to understand and manage this chronic illness. The terminology associated with the T1D condition will also be totally new to the person: diabetes mellitus, pancreas, hyperglycaemia (hyper), hypoglycaemia (hypo), bolus (fast acting insulin), basal (slow acting insulin), ketones and blood glucose levels. The purpose of this article is to assist newly diagnosed patients’ understanding of T1D, people who are already living with T1D, carers of people with T1D, partners and family members of someone with T1D, work colleagues, and friends who participate in the same sporting activities or go on holiday with a person who has T1D. In addition, this article reviews how people living with T1D can still enjoy exercise and maintain the best quality of life possible; whilst controlling the blood glucose levels in their body for the rest of their lives to prevent the onset of complications associated with diabetes.
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