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Brian Lawlor
Charlie Cullen
Lorna Wilson
Carolina De Pasquale
Brian Vaughan



accommodation phonetics and phonology psychiatric and mental health mental disorders speech analysis prosody clinical interviews depression psychological phenomena and processes vowel space

Investigating Prosodic Accommodation in Clinical Interviews with Depressed Patients (2018)

Abstract Six in-depth clinical interviews, involving six elderly female patients (aged 60+) and one female psychiatrist, were recorded and analysed for a number of prosodic accommodation variables.Our analysis focused on pitch, speaking time, and vowel-space ratio. Findings indicate that there is a dynamic manifestation of prosodic accommodation over the course of the interactions. There is clear adaptation on the part of the psychiatrist, even going so far as to have a reduced vowel-space ratio, mirroring a reduced vowel-space ratio in the depressed patients. Previous research has found a reduced vowel-space ratio to be associated with psychological distress; however, we suggest that it indicates a high level of adaptation on the part of the psychiatrist and needs to be considered when analysing psychiatric clinical interactions.
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Brian Lawlor, Charlie Cullen, Lorna Wilson, Carolina De Pasquale, Brian Vaughan

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