Journal Article


M E G Lyons
John Cassidy
A McGee
W. Breen
T. McCormac



modified electrode chemistry current cyclic voltammetry layers morphology dodecylbenzenesulfonate polpyrrole

Cyclic voltammetry of polypyrroledodecylbenzenesulfonate layers (1994)

Abstract Polypyrrole was deposited from solutions of NaCIO. and NaDBS, where DBS is dodecylbenzenesulfonate in aqueous solu\ion and characterizcd by voltammetry. It is found that the absence of the so-called 'double laver charging current' during cyclic voltammetry of the layers formed from solutions with surfactant is not because of' the" order in morphology of the layer, but irreversible incorporation of' the surfactant anion.
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M E G Lyons, John Cassidy, A McGee, W. Breen, T. McCormac

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