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Alan F. Smeaton
Tomas E. Ward
Feiyan Hu
Enric Moreu
David Azcona



state of the art transfer learning video ensemble media challenge digital content machine learning

Predicting media memorability using ensemble models (2020)

Abstract Memorability, defined as the quality of being worth remembering, is a pressing issue in media as we struggle to organize and retrieve digital content and make it more useful in our daily lives. The Predicting Media Memorability task in MediaEval 2019 tackles this problem by creating a challenge to automatically predict memorability scores building on the work developed in 2018. Our team ensembled transfer learning approaches with video captions using embeddings and our own pre-computed features which outperformed Medieval 2018’s state-of-the-art architectures.
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Alan F. Smeaton, Tomas E. Ward, Feiyan Hu, Enric Moreu, David Azcona

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