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Graham Healy
Tomas E. Ward
Alan F. Smeaton
Qi She
Zhengwei Wang



neuroscore neuro ai interface neuroscience machine learning natural language processing generative adversarial networks artificial intelligence brain computer interface

Synthetic-Neuroscore: using a neuro-AI interface for evaluating generative adversarial networks (2020)

Abstract Generative adversarial networks (GANs) are increasingly attracting attention in the computer vision, natural language processing, speech synthesis and similar domains. Arguably the most striking results have been in the area of image synthesis. However, evaluating the performance of GANs is still an open and challenging problem. Existing evaluation metrics primarily measure the dissimilarity between real and generated images using automated statistical methods. They often require large sample sizes for evaluation and do not directly reflect the human perception of the image quality. In this work, we introduce an evaluation metric we call Neuroscore, for evaluating the performance of GANs, that more directly reflects psychoperceptual image quality through the utilization of brain signals. Our results show that Neuroscore has superior performances to the current evaluation metrics in that:(1) It is more consistent with human judgment;(2) The evaluation process needs much smaller numbers of samples; and (3) It is able to rank the quality of images on a per GAN basis. A convolutional neural network based brain-inspired framework is also proposed to predict Neuroscore from GAN-generated images. Importantly, we show that including neural responses during the training phase of the network can significantly improve the prediction capability of the proposed model.
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Graham Healy, Tomas E. Ward, Alan F. Smeaton, Qi She, Zhengwei Wang

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