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Alan F. Smeaton
Laura Christina Galea


Computer Science

non verbal communication sign language emg multimedia systems signal processing irish sign language real time machine learning

Recognising Irish sign language using electromyography (2019)

Abstract Sign language is the non-verbal communication used by people with hearing and speaking impairments. The automatic recognition of sign languages is usually based on video analysis of the signer though this is difficult when considering different light levels or the surrounding environment. The work in this paper uses electromyography (EMG) and focuses on letters of the Irish Sign Language (ISL) alphabet. EMG is the recording of the electrical activity produced to stimulate movement in the skeletal muscles. We capture muscle signals and inertial movement data using the Thalmic MYO armband and, in real time, recognise the ISL alphabet. Our implementation is based on signal processing, feature extraction and machine learning. The only input required to translate the ISL gestures are EMG and movement data, thus our approach is usable in scenarios where using video for automatic recognition video is not possible.
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