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Claus Pahl
Veronica Gacitua-Decar



service identification business patterns business process pattern service design business to business design patterns business processes service oriented architecture

Towards reuse of business processes patterns to design services. (2009)

Abstract Service Oriented Architecture is a promising architectural approach to solve the integration problem originated by business process integration and automation requirements. Defining the appropriate granularity and scope of services is a critical issue to allow their reuse. Architecture abstractions, such as patterns, are a medium to capture design knowledge and to allow the reuse of successful previous designs. The continual rise of abstraction in software engineering approaches have been a central driver of this work, placing the notion of patterns at business model level. In this paper we propose a set of pattern-based techniques to define the scope and granularity of services based on identified patterns in business process models. Graph-based pattern matching and pattern discovery are proposed to recommend the scope and granularity of services on process-centric description models. Matching of generalised patterns and hierarchical matching are discussed.
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