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Claus Pahl
Veronica Gacitua-Decar
Juan Pablo Garcia-Gonzalez


Computer Science

business processes service oriented architecture enterprise resources communication banking mobile mobile devices

A service architecture solution for mobile enterprise resources:a case study in the banking industry (2009)

Abstract Providing mobility to participants of business processes is an increasing trend in the banking sector. Independence of a physical place to interact with clients, while been able to use the information managed in the banking applications is one of the benefits of mobile business processes. Challenges arising from this approach include to deal with a scenario of occasionally connected communication; security issues regarding the exposition of internal information on devices -that could be lost-; and restrictions on the capacity of mobile devices. This paper presents our experience in implement- ing a service-based architecture solution to extend centralised resources from a finanancial institution to a mobile platform.
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Claus Pahl, Veronica Gacitua-Decar, Juan Pablo Garcia-Gonzalez

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