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Francisco Alvarez Jorge Macias
Rory V. O'Connor
Ovsei Gelman
Manuel Mora


Computer Science

systems approach reference models systems engineering standards of processes software engineering software intensive systems large scale information technology conceptual framework

On models and standards of processes in SE, SwE and IT&S disciplines:toward a comparative framework using the systems approach (2007)

Abstract The general aim of Systems Engineering (SE) and Software Engineering (SwE) is the definition, development and deployment of large-scale cost-effective and trustworthy integrated systems and software-intensive systems respectively. In pursuit of this aim, both disciplines have generated models and standards of processes to guide and control the engineering and managerial activities involved in the creation of such systems. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of software-intensive systems has fostered the interdisciplinary research between SwE and SE disciplines toward a joint Systems Software Engineering (SSwE). In turn, the Information Technology and Systems (IT&S) field, focused mainly in the management and evaluation of IT-intensive systems, is highly dependent on the engineering activities conducted in SwE and SE fields. Despite this linkage, IT&S has generated its own set of models and standards of processes and not explored the conceptual relationship with the SwE and SE models and standards. This paper is concerned with the integration of SE and SwE to cope with complex softwareintensive systems and explores the premise of that the incorporation of a SE-based philosophy and principles in the engineering and management of large-scale and complex IT-systems can enhance these processes. This paper first establishes the relationship between the concepts of process, system and service from a Systems Approach perspective and then develops a conceptual framework -also founded in the Systems Approach- to compare the main models and standards of processes internationally reported for the SE, SwE and IS disciplines. Despite the resultant strategic and nondetailed perspective used through a Systems Approach, we claim this framework provides the methodological bases for increasing the mutual understanding of these models and standards between the practitioners and researchers of the three disciplines. This paper concludes with recommendations for refining the framework and continuing this research.
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Francisco Alvarez Jorge Macias, Rory V. O'Connor, Ovsei Gelman, Manuel Mora

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