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Claude Y. Laporte
Rory V. O'Connor



very small entities the design and development iso iec 29110 vse software project management project management standards iso

Software project management in very small entities with ISO/IEC 29110 (2012)

Abstract The recently published ISO/IEC 29110 standard Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities has at its core a Management and Engineering Guide [1] which are targeted at very small entities (enterprises, organizations, departments or projects) having up to 25 people [2], to assist them unlock the potential benefits of using standards which are specifically designed to address their needs. This paper discusses the role and structure of Project Management in the emerging ISO/IEC 29110 standard Software Process Lifecycles for Very Small Entities as well as its practical implication. This paper will also focus on the design and development of project management support documentation and their associated usage in early trials of ISO/IEC 29110.
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Claude Y. Laporte, Rory V. O'Connor

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