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The Training Environment Of The Irish Defence Forces:Integrated Training, Bullying and Sexual Harassment (2000)

Abstract The training environment of the Irish Defence Forces: integrated training and bullying in the workplace In this chapter I will refer to recruit and cadet training within the defence forces in light of international trends in integrated training. Following the consideration of ‘commitment’ in terms of numbers of women recruited to the organisation in chapter five, this chapter assesses the “education” component of the setting (Reskin and Padavic, 1994). Through an examination of archival data (syllabi of training, training policy etc) and the data obtained at interview, an assessment of the PDF’s equality of opportunity agenda as it applies to the training opportunities afforded women in the PDF is possible. The chapter considers international trends in military training, the history of the training of women in the PDF (for both other ranks and cadets), and considers the data accrued from interviews conducted. The data gathered as a result of a discussion on training where PDF culture “makes its mark” on entrants led to an unexpected and unanticipated discussion of bullying and sexual harassment within the PDF. This discussion is included in this chapter as it flowed logically from a discussion of the training environment. It is in accord with the emergent design and database management (DBM) system of the research protocol.
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