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Cathal Leahy
Brendan Williams
Bernard Enright
Eugene J. OBrien
Eugene J. O'Brien



economics data collection strategy bridge b wim wim structural engineering secondary roads central place theory traffic weigh in motion civil engineering

Estimating Characteristic Bridge Loads On A Non-Primary Road Network (2012)

Abstract When collecting truck loading data on a primary road network a common approach is to install a large network of permanent pavement-based Weigh-In-Motion systems. An alternative to this approach would be to use one or more portable Bridge Weigh-In-Motion systems which could be moved between bridges at regular intervals to determine the traffic loading throughout the network. A data collection strategy is needed to put such a system to best use. This paper details the data collection strategies which were examined for the National Roads Authority in Ireland. The use of urban economic concepts including Central Place Theory are discussed as methods for analysing which roads are expected to experience the greatest truck loading.
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Cathal Leahy, Brendan Williams, Bernard Enright, Eugene J. OBrien, Eugene J. O'Brien

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