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Stephen V. Gordon
Martine Gilleron
Jérôme Nigou
Alexandre Gouzy



membrane infectious diseases macrophages mycobacterium tuberculosis tuberculosis secretion inhibition virulence mycobacteria vaccine infection heparin binding hemagglutinin

Tuberculosis 2012: biology, pathogenesis and intervention strategies; an update from the city of light (2013)

Abstract Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world's most deadly infectious diseases, with approximately 1.5 million deaths and 9 million new cases of TB in 2010. There is an urgent global need to develop new control tools, with advances necessary in our basic understanding of the pathogen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and translation of these findings to public health. It was in this context that the "Tuberculosis 2012: Biology, Pathogenesis, Intervention Strategies" meeting was held in the Institut Pasteur, Paris, France from 11 to 15th Sept 2012. The meeting brought together over 600 delegates from across the globe to hear updates on the latest research findings and how they are underpinning the development of novel vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs.
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Stephen V. Gordon, Martine Gilleron, Jérôme Nigou, Alexandre Gouzy

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