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Maureen A. Flynn
Niamh Brennan



management clinical practice governance roles and responsibilities clinical governance definitions design methodology

Differentiating Clinical Governance, Clinical Management and Clinical Practice (2013)

Abstract Purpose: This paper reviews priordefinitions of the umbrella term 'clinical governance'. The research questionis: do clinical governance definitions adequately distinguish betweengovernance, management and practice functions? Three definitions are introducedto replace that umbrella term. Design/Methodology/Approach: Contentanalysis is applied to analyse twenty nine definitions of clinical governance fromthe perspective of the roles and responsibilities of those charged withgovernance, management and practice.Findings: The analysis indicates thatdefinitions of the umbrella term 'clinical governance' comprise a mixture of activitiesrelating to governance, management and practice which is confusing for thoseexpected to execute those roles.Practical implications: Consistentwith concepts from corporate governance, we distinguish between governance,management and practice. For effective governance, it is important that therebe division of duties between governance roles and management and practiceroles. These distinctions will help to clarify roles and responsibilities inthe execution of clinical activities. Originality/Value:  Drawing on insightsfrom corporate governance, in particular, the importance of a division of functionsbetween governance roles, and management and practice roles, we propose threenew definitions to replace the umbrella term 'clinical governance'.
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