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Training of company directors is now best practice (2006)

Abstract Gone are the days when being a director was considered to be a cushy job carryingprestige, power and perks with few responsibilities. Nowadays, directors take onconsiderable legal and non-legal responsibilities on appointment. Training is essentialfor new directors, and is a valuable refresher for more experienced directors. Manyexecutives have a wealth of experience in management, but it does not follow thatthey know how to direct. There are few formal processes to ensure that directors aretrained to competence for their direction-giving role. In fact, it is likely thatemployees in organisations receive more training than those with arguably the mostimportant job in organisations – board directors. In The Fish Rots from the Head, BobGarrett observes that the structure of most boards is not conducive to debate, learning,adaptation and continuous improvement. He goes on to say that most boards arestructured in a legally-orientated, administrative and developmentally-blockingmanner.
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