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Stock Exchange and Professional Accounting Requirements Applying in Both the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom (2001)

Abstract Stock exchange regulations and professional accounting pronouncements are largely the same in both the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and the United Kingdom (U.K.) - consequently, the material in this appendix applies to both chapters. This appendix is organized into six parts: Part 1: General items (Sections 1 and 2); Part 2: Profit and loss account items (Sections 3 to 5), Part 3: Balance sheet items (Sections 6 to 11); Part 4: Cash flow (Section 12); Part 5: Groups (Section 13) and Part 6: Smaller entities (Section 14). The appendix ends with a summary of the professional accounting pronouncements at July 2002 applicable in both the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom which is shown in Appendix 1
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