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An analysis of the role of bicycle-sharing in a European city : the case of Dublin (2011)

Abstract In recent years, problems associated with automobile use have led to a marked shift in the orientation of transportation policy towards the promotion of more sustainable modes of transport. Central to this policy has been a heightened interest in bicycle-sharing schemes in major cities in the developed world. These initiatives seek to increase the modal share of cycling, improve the mobility of the general public and reduce the environmental impacts of private automobile transport. Existing research investigating the role and impact of bicycle-sharing schemes in European cities is sparse. Within this context, this paper investigates the role and impact of the recently implemented bicycle-sharing scheme in Dublin. Using evidence from 360 questionnaire surveys, the research focuses on the use of the bicycle-sharing scheme as an integrative mode for the rest of the city’s transport system, and particularly for the public transport system. The research also examines the scheme’s dichotomy in terms of its functionality during the peak and off-peak periods as well as investigating the socio-economic profile of its users.
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