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Mark J. Scott
Enda Murphy



resiliance rural economy rural households neoliberalisation economic crisis actually existing neoliberalism mortgage crisis rural ireland

Mortgage-related issues in a crisis economy: evidence from rural households in Ireland (2013)

Abstract The recent economic crisis has demonstrated the extent to which households areexposed to the financialisation of advanced economies. Much of the debate surrounding the reasons for the crisis has centred on the role of neoliberal policies and particularly lax mortgage lending practices among financial institutions. This paper explores how neoliberal ideas were applied to property and development during the Irish house-building boom. Drawing on questionnaire survey data across five case study locations, it examines the mortgage practices of rural households during the boom period and their existing conditions in the current burst. In addition, the impacts and consequences of the neoliberalisation of the rural mortgage market for rural households within the context of the failure of these policies, a major housing crash and a neoliberal policy fix based on severe austerity measures is examined. Our results point towards the extreme hardship and stress being felt by rural households and highlight, through the lens of rural housing, the extent to which the practices and consequences of neoliberal policy in the mortgage arena are varied spatially in ruralareas.
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