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Chris Bleakley
Séamas McGettrick
Kunjan Patel


Computer Science

real time low energy biosignal low power energy consumption coarse grained reconfigurable architecture systolic patient monitoring

SYSCORE: A Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array Architecture for Low Energy Biosignal Processing (2011)

Abstract The promise of 24/7 patient monitoring and online diagnosis using wearable and implantable biomedical devices has engendered significant research interest in the development of low power biosignal processing platforms. Herein, a novel Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array (CGRA) architecture is presented for low power, real time processing of biomedical signals. The proposed architecture differs from previously proposed CGRAs in that it is designed for low power, rather than for high performance. The proposed architecture was implemented in a software modeler and simulator and in Verilog. The architecture was shown to provide savings in energy consumption of up to 99% and speed up of up to 64 times compared to a conventional DSP processor for typical biosignal processing functions.
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Chris Bleakley, Séamas McGettrick, Kunjan Patel

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