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Lorraine Brennan
William M. Gallagher
Yue Fan
Isobel Claire Gormley
Gift Nyamundanda



nuclear magnetic resonance biomolecular data analysis models statistical animals statistical analysis approaches metabolomics longitudinal studies statistics numerical data software software package principal component analysis metabolomic computer simulation pilot projects sample size size analysis standards experimental data algorithms

MetSizeR: selecting the optimal sample size for metabolomic studies using an analysis based approach. (2013)

Abstract Background: Determining sample sizes for metabolomic experiments is important but due to the complexity of these experiments, there are currently no standard methods for sample size estimation in metabolomics. Since pilot studies are rarely done in metabolomics, currently existing sample size estimation approaches which rely onpilot data can not be applied.Results: In this article, an analysis based approach called MetSizeR is developed to estimate sample size for metabolomic experiments even when experimental pilot data are not available. The key motivation for MetSizeR is that it considers the type of analysis the researcher intends to use for data analysis when estimating samplesize. MetSizeR uses information about the data analysis technique and prior expert knowledge of the metabolomic experiment to simulate pilot data from a statistical model. Permutation based techniques are then applied to the simulated pilot data to estimate the required sample size.Conclusions: The MetSizeR methodology, and a publicly available software package which implements the approach, are illustrated through real metabolomic applications. Sample size estimates, informed by the intended statistical analysis technique, and the associated uncertainty are provided.
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Lorraine Brennan, William M. Gallagher, Yue Fan, Isobel Claire Gormley, Gift Nyamundanda

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