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Chris Bleakley
Juan Gonzalez-Hernandez



location estimation mobile device frequency modulation orientation aoa toa location ultrasound

Ultrasonic Orientation-Location Algorithm based on ToA and AoA Measurements (2008)

Abstract This paper proposes a novel system which provides 3-axis orientation and 3D location estimation for a Mobile Device based on Time of Flight (ToF) and Angle of Arrival (AoA) measurements using ultrasonic signals. Robustness is provided to the system by means of a Slow Frequency-Hop Spread Spectrum modulation and a robust 2D AoA estimation method with a Uniform Circular Array (UCA). In simulation, the system shows an accuracy of 1.7 degrees in the orientation estimates and location estimates under 1cm in 95% of cases under conditions of noise and reverberation.
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