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Chris Bleakley
M. Casas-Sanchez
J. Rizo-Morente



measurements power systems low power experimentation cross correlation verification dynamic modelling

Dynamic Current Modelling at the Instruction Level (2006)

Abstract Estimation of processor current consumption is important for the design of low power systems. This paper proposes a novel method for estimating the dynamic current consumption of a processor. The method models dynamic current as the output of a linear system excited by a signal comprised of the total current due to each instruction. System identification is performed by cross-correlation of a pseudo-random stimulus with the measured current. The method was applied to the Texas Instruments TMS320VC5510 DSP and was found to provide an average correlation of 93% between estimated and measured dynamic current across a range of benchmarks.
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Chris Bleakley, M. Casas-Sanchez, J. Rizo-Morente

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