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Chris Bleakley
Mohamed M. Saad
Tarig Ballal



modulation waveform telecommunication systems ultrasonic based communication ultrasonics dbpsk phase shift keying

Design and Implementation of an Indoor Ultrasonic Communication System (2011)

Abstract In this paper, an indoor communication system using ultrasonic signals is described. The system uses differential binary phase-shift keying (DBPSK) for transmitting binary data as a part of an indoor positioning system. A synchronization and decoding approach is proposed that exploits the correlation properties of the DBPSK waveforms. All of the detection and decoding/demodulation processes are performed digitally - no analogue circuits are involved. Experiments that were carried out using off-the-shelf components confirmed the feasibility of the proposed system.
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Chris Bleakley, Mohamed M. Saad, Tarig Ballal

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